Rose Garden


Rabbit Brand's signature series. the rose garden series.

The beautiful art that has been with the rabbit brand for more than 20 years, this classic rose garden enamel collection will surely bring the sweet mood and tone to your kitchen.

The following products will be featured in this collection.
- Pinto Food Carrier 14/3
- Mug
- Bowl
- Salad bowl
- Flat plate
- Mini belly pot

Premium Enamel Bowl 14 cm White/Green - Rose Garden
sep-bo014-whg-rsg020 Packing 48 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Mini Belly Pot 12 cm White/Green - Rose Garden
sep-bp012-whg-rsg020 Packing 12 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Food Carrier 14/3 White/Green - Rose Garden
sep-fc143-whg-rsg020 Packing 6 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Flat Plate 8 in White/Green - Rose Garden
sep-fp008-whg-rsg020 Packing 48 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Mug 9 cm White/Green - Rose Garden
sep-mu009-whg-rsg020 Packing 36 Unit/Carton